Feature Film


Amira faces a shocking family discovery, 17 years after her Palestinian father’s sperm was smuggled out of prison walls to conceive her.

Mohamed Diab Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia 98 Min NC16 (Sexual References) Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Anatomy of Time

Unhurried and atmospheric, this character study of a woman across two fragments in her life is a rumination on the nature of existence.

Jakrawal NILTHAMRONG Thailand, France, Netherlands, Singapore 118 Min R21 (Sexual Scenes and Nudity) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film


This tonally sharp debut conjures a world that is sometimes warm, sometimes noir, and growingly inhospitable for its protagonist.

Aizhana KASSYMBEK Kazakhstan 82 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Hit the Road

A boisterous Iranian family with a penchant for spontaneous karaoke embarks on a mysterious road trip in this striking debut that is by turns affecting and hilarious.

Panah PANAHI Iran 93 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

A New Old Play

A rowdy ensemble and plenty of food drive this sweeping saga as it charts the fortunes of a Chinese opera troupe in a new society.

QIU Jiongjiong Hong Kong, France 179 Min NC16 (Some Drug Use and Coarse Language) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film


Strikingly shot amid a Tamil Nadu desert, this searing drama stages a toxic father–son relationship as a struggle over the future of Indian masculinity.

P.S. VINOTHRAJ India 74 Min NC16 (Coarse Language) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Rehana Maryam Noor

A professor’s career and relationships unravel as she pits herself against institutional sexism at a medical college.

Abdullah Mohammad Saad Bangladesh, Singapore, Qatar 107 Min PG13 (Some Mature Content) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Whether the Weather is Fine

A numinous tale of environmental refugees seeking a new life serves a tragicomic take on humanity after a disaster.

Carlo Francisco MANATAD Philippines, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Qatar 105 Min NC16 (Coarse Language) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

White Building

Three artistic young friends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, reckon with instability and change when their lifelong home is to be demolished.

Kavich NEANG Cambodia, France, China, Qatar 90 Min NC16 (Some Coarse Language) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film


A teenage girl juggles gendered societal expectations and personal desires in this lyrical coming-of-age story.

Kamila ANDINI Indonesia, Singapore, France, Australia 95 Min NC16 Singapore Premiere

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