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All Would Envy X SGIFF T-Shirt


SGIFF Enamel Mug


Limited Time Offer Bundle — All Would Envy X SGIFF T-Shirt + SGIFF Enamel Mug


Take the festival home with you!

This year, SGIFF is delighted to collaborate with prominent local fashion house All Would Envy to create a special t-shirt to commemorate our 33rd edition. Featuring recognisable film motifs, the illustrated tee with its eye-catching, playful design will certainly make a statement wherever you go!

Just as cinema sparks individuality, creativity and conversation, All Would Envy inspires their customers to live every day in awe, and we hope this collaboration will bring about the same spirit in our audiences!

“We create clothes of many styles, from daily wear to conversation starters, and this tee is definitely a conversation starter! We love films ourselves and wanted to create a dynamic and energetic piece that represents cinema for fellow film lovers. Proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go to SGIFF to support the local film scene. We are on a mission to live every day in awe and inspire everyone to do the same—just like what cinema does for us!”

Trevor and Matthew, All Would Envy

Donate SGD $55 and receive a limited-edition Risograph Print

Air Mata Kucing <3

Dimension: 29.7 (h) x 42.0 (w) cm

6 colour Risograph print
Editions will be based on pre-order
Signed and Numbered
Printed on Acid-free, FSC® certified paper
Designed and produced by Knuckles & Notch

Unlike digital printing, Risograph printed artworks often exhibit minor imperfections, making each print unique.

How to Donate

We are really excited that the cool cats at Knuckle & Notch created this great piece to help us honour our donors. All our donations are routed through Giving.SG, which means you get awesome art and a 250% tax deduction receipt*!

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