NAC – Arts Education Programme

The NAC-AEP Programmes are structured as a deeper, more nuanced dive into film literacy. The programmes focus on youth related, and other relevant topics aimed towards encouraging richer reflection and conversations through guided discussion by a qualified instructor.

Students will be encouraged to think critically and articulate their personal viewpoints

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Topics Available

Reflections on Youth Through Film

Reflection on Youth Through Film is anchored by a slate of short films that are programmed around the theme of Youth.

Students will be introduced to film as a platform for creative expression to look into themselves and initiate conversations on topics/concerns that relate to their own experience. The outcome hopes for students to think critically and formulate a response.

Under One Roof: HDBs and Singapore Cinema

The HDB flat is an iconic setting and image in Singapore films. It is a unique emblem. Under One Roof: HDBs and Singapore Cinema is a talk where students are introduced to the visual traits and trends that influence the stories of our local filmmakers.

Students will view a slate of short films and extracts that highlight the HDB milieu and be introduced to the various thematic approaches that filmmakers adopt as they craft and articulate their stories.

Letters to Singapore

Films show us who we are, what is important to us. In this film screening and talk, 7 LETTERS – A Singapore feature films is a anthology of shorts featuring seven of Singapore’s most illustrious filmmakers, celebrating SG50 through the lives and stories of Singaporeans.

Students are encouraged to ponder and reflect on what history and memories mean to them. This anthology of seven individual short films offer up a varied, diverse and relatable inspiration and framework of creative expression.

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