Asian Feature Film Competition

A highlight of the Festival each year, the Asian Feature Film Competition is dedicated to uncovering exhilarating new cinematic visions by Asian directors making their first to third feature films.

This year’s competition sees a selection of 12 films from this generation’s most promising directors working in Asia, including six directorial debuts that herald a thrilling new wave of filmmaking talent. Through kaleidoscopic artistic approaches telling stories deeply rooted in the local, these films collectively represent the pulse of Asia’s cultural landscape.

Featured Films

A Journey in Spring

After his wife’s sudden passing, an old man grapples with strained family ties, regrets and memories evoked by the springtime rain.

PENG Tzu-Hui, WANG Ping-Wen / Taiwan / 90 min / M18 (Some Homosexual Content) / Asian Premiere

Critical Zone

In this delirious fantasia of after-dark Tehran, a drug dealer rendezvouses through the underworld to mend troubled souls.

Ali AHMADZADEH / Iran, Germany / 98 min / M18 (Drug Use and Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere

Dreaming & Dying

A school reunion recalls repressed desires and entangled memories in an intoxicating blend of reality and the unconscious.

Nelson YEO / Singapore, Indonesia / 77 min / NC16 (Some Mature Content) / Singapore Premiere

Hesitation Wound

In this tense courtroom drama, a criminal defence lawyer juggles difficult moral choices in her personal and professional life.

Selman NACAR / Turkey, France, Romania, Spain / 84 min / PG13 (Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

An absorbing treatise into spirituality and the discomfort of deciphering the divine makes its way into the canon of slow cinema.

PHAM Thien An / Vietnam, Singapore, France, Spain / 182 min / NC16 (Scene of Intimacy) / Singapore Premiere

Last Shadow at First Light

Grief and gain are intimate doubles in this family mystery that leads a Singaporean-Japanese girl to her mother’s hometown.

Nicole Midori WOODFORD / Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Slovenia, Indonesia / 106 min / PG13 (Some Mature Content) / Singapore Premiere


Indonesia’s active volcano Merapi is place, protagonist and centre of the universe all at once in this haunting eco-drama.

Riar RIZALDI / Indonesia, Qatar / 115 min / NC16 (Sexual Violence and Coarse Language) / Asian Premiere


In this eerily haunting film, a man encounters his past in an abandoned hotel carrying scars of the Cold War.

Phuttiphong AROONPHENG / Thailand, France / 106 min / PG13 (Some Sexual References) / Southeast Asian Premiere

Snow In Midsummer

The historical trauma of Malaysia’s ‘513’ incident permeates the present in a series of haunting tableaux that compose this operatic drama.

CHONG Keat Aun / Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan / 116 min / NC16 (Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere

The Tenants

In this Kafkaesque reality, a soon-to-be-evicted tenant employs a bizarre subletting scheme that may be his solution.

YOON Eun-Kyung / South Korea / 90 min / PG13 (Horror and Some Coarse Language) / World Premiere

Tomorrow Is A Long Time

In this shapeshifting tale, a tenuous father−son relationship paves the way for a haunting coming-of-age journey with a metaphysical twist.

JOW Zhi Wei / Singapore, Taiwan, France, Portugal / 106 min / PG13 (Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere


A religious devotee, trapped in an enforced gender identity, plots an escape from his oppressive village in this delicately layered examination of gender fluidity.

Manoj SHINDE / India / 143 min / NC16 (Coarse Language and Some Mature Content) / World Premiere