Cinema can transport us to many places, broadening our knowledge and experience. Possibilities are endless if we just wander beyond the horizon.

This section highlights 11 strong festival discoveries that present eclectic perspectives. Bring copious amounts of curiosity and empathy as you’re in for an emotional ride.

Featured Films


This intimate rendering of a refugee’s journey to reclaim a life from the shadows of survivor’s guilt unfolds with delicate grace.

Anthony CHEN / France, UK, Greece / 93 min / NC16 (Some Nudity and Sexual Violence) / Singapore Premiere

Goodbye Julia

Amid social upheaval, two women’s disparate lives become unexpectedly entangled in tragedy, friendship and lies in this moving tale.

Mohamed KORDOFANI / Sudan, Egypt, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Sweden / 120 min / PG (Some Sexual References) / Southeast Asian Premiere

Hours of Ours

This compact debut of a family in political limbo navigates notions of home and identity that slip past bureaucracy and borders.

Komtouch NAPATTALOONG / Thailand / 85 min / PG / Asian Premiere

In the Blind Spot

Forced disappearances, secrets, and many, many cameras add up in this political thriller that gets the better of our truth-starved habits.

Ayşe POLAT / Germany / 117 min / NC16 (Scene of Intimacy and Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere

Nowhere Near

A profound rumination on the burden of history and the need for roots.

Miko REVEREZA / Philippines, Mexico / 96 min / NC16 (Some Drug Use) / Singapore Premiere


An unlikely homecoming foretells magical events that soon bind the fate of alleged sorcerers.

Baloji / Democratic Republic of the Congo, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, South Africa / 90 min / NC16 (Some Nudity and Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere


A meet-cute between a dancer and a sign- language interpreter blossoms into a tender bond that challenges conventional expectations of relationships.

Marija KAVTARADZE / Lithuania, Spain, Sweden / 108 min / M18 (Sexual Scenes) / Singapore Premiere


After a baby is kidnapped at a rural train station, two brothers become embroiled in the investigation.

Karan TEJPAL / India / 93 min / NC16 (Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere

The Delinquents

Tired of corporate drudgery, a bank clerk robs his workplace and implicates his colleague, setting off a revelatory journey to discover freedom.

Rodrigo MORENO / Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Luxembourg / 189 min / M18 (Nudity) / Southeast Asian Premiere

The Feeling That The Time For Doing Something Has Passed

A raw, comedic portrait of a woman navigating sexual and family relationships in her seemingly mundane life as a low-level corporate employee.

Joanna ARNOW / USA / 88 min / R21 (Mature Theme and Sexual Scenes) / Southeast Asian Premiere


A tender, lived-in portrait of a family preparing for grief and loss over the course of a day, as seen through a young girl’s eyes.

Lila AVILÉS / Mexico, Denmark, France / 95 min / PG13 (Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere