Singapore Panorama

With an unwavering finger on the pulse of local cinema, Singapore Panorama presents the latest creations from both emerging and established Singapore filmmakers.

This is where the magic of home unfolds in breathtaking detail—and through boundless imagination. Drink in the sights and sounds of our landscape, the idiosyncrasies of its people, and the wealth of stories proudly told from a local perspective.

Feature Films

The Road Less Travelled

A group of friends pursue their artistic ambitions in this coming-of-age story steeped in the innocence and dreaminess of xinyao.

LIM Suat Yen / Singapore / 96 min / PG / World Premiere

A Year of No Significance

This realist drama immortalises those who are about to be left behind as Singapore rushes towards economic growth in the late 1970s.

Kelvin TONG / Singapore, Malaysia / 88 min / PG / World Premiere

My Endless Numbered Days

Traversing Singapore and Japan, a young woman reconnects with herself in this subdued uncovering of a wandering soul.

Shaun NEO / Japan, Singapore / 77 min / PG / World Premiere


Two young migrant workers in love find themselves in a quandary with life-altering repercussions in this poignant drama.

Sean NG / Singapore / 94 min / NC16 (Sexual Scene and Some Coarse Language) / World Premiere


Two middle-aged fathers bond over their love for their daughters in this affecting drama about friendship in our golden years.

CHAI Yee-Wei / Singapore / 125 min / M18 (Coarse Language) / Asian Premiere

Singapore Panorama Short Film Programme 1

1 Dec, Fri 9:00PM / 85 min / M18 / Oldham Theatre

Striking out, taking a step, finding futures. Five local shorts chronicle our life experiences marked by impermanence—from growing up and aging, to milestones and tragedies, or even just the simple act of walking.

The Sun Is Up and I Shall Live

The sole carer for her family, a young woman’s sunny optimism wavers on the chaotic day of her little brother’s school play.

Jazmine MONAZ / Singapore / 19 min / PG13 (Brief Coarse Language) / Asian Premiere


Lingering and recurring threads unravel across vignettes of Ocean’s childhood, tangled in time and memory, as she lies motionless on a beach shore.

Shelby KHO / Singapore / 15 min / PG (Some Disturbing Scenes) / World Premiere

tide + time

After the death of their father, a trio of siblings clash over the deceased’s unusual outfit of choice.

XIE Quang Long / Singapore / 13 min / PG13 (Some Coarse Language) / World Premiere

She and Her Good Vibrations

A stressed-out middle-aged woman discovers the wonders of a vibrator, but soon becomes addicted to solo pleasure sessions and loses touch with reality.

Olivia GRISELDA, Sarah CHEOK / Singapore / 11 min / M18 (Sexual Content) / World Premiere

walk walk (Director’s Cut)

Across contemporary Singapore, walk walk unveils a myriad of women who create space, literally and figuratively, for themselves and others as they walk.

TAN Pin Pin / Singapore / 27 min / PG13 (Some Mature Content) / Southeast Asian Premiere

Singapore Panorama Short Film Programme 2

2 Dec, Sat 9:00PM / 80 min / NC16 / Oldham Theatre

Merging the spiritual with the corporeal, these short films bring us on a journey to murky streets, cemeteries, forests, mountains and archives, in discovery of elusive or forbidden knowledge.


A woman lugs a hefty bag around with her, tending carefully to its contents. But she must let it go at some point.

Nelson YEO / Singapore, Indonesia / 15 min / PG / Southeast Asian Premiere

Spirited City

Exhumed archives, sounds, footage and artefacts culminate in a visceral collage that mirrors the ongoing excavation of Bukit Brown Cemetery.

ANG Siew Ching / Singapore / 11 min / PG / World Premiere

Beyond the Other Shore

Following the unexpected demise of a stranger while at work, a repair technician spirals into facing the reality of his own mortality.

PEK Jia Hao, ANG Jia Jun / Singapore / 15 min / NC16 (Some Coarse Language) / Asian Premiere

Mountain Land: A Celebration

In dreamy black and white, Southeast Asian histories are evoked and overturned to tell the mysterious tale of Mountain Land: an unconquerable island shaped like a human body.

Kris ONG / Singapore / 21 min / NC16 (Some Nudity) / Singapore Premiere

Time Pass, Years Past

Dancers from Frontier Danceland reimagine a piece from 1998 in this exploration of time and metamorphosis.

LIAO Jiekai / Singapore, Japan / 18 min / PG / Southeast Asian Premiere