SGIFF Film Academy (SFA) is the region’s first holistic training to support Southeast Asian film talents and nurture film appreciation among the audience. A launch pad for mentorship, exchange of ideas and strengthening film literary with its developmental programmes with the aim to enhance the capabilities of the regional film scene collectively.

ATLAS VOL 2 : The Official Youth Critics Programme Publication.

Ten spirited young writers from Singapore have lent their voices, offering fresh perspectives on the festival’s lineup. By weaving personal stories into film criticism, ATLAS charts a path into a new ‘thoughtworld’ — one where films reside beyond the screen as living, breathing entities, and where criticism becomes truly generative.

Student Programmes

SGIFF now proudly runs two key student outreach programmes. Our programmes are designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of the art of film and provide exposure to alternative film-watching experiences. We use local films as a way to connect students with their community and explore the unique perspectives and stories that can be found in their own backyard.

A programme led by a qualified instructor to facilitate a deeper dive into film literacy.

A platform to nurture media literacy and appreciation of the film medium among youths.

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