Beyond film screening, join us in a range of talks by filmmakers & industry experts that offer insights into the the creative processes and developments in cinema culture


Influencing the Changing Landscapes of Asian Cinema

International film practitioners share their experiences in programming and supporting a diversity of Asian films on their platforms. What do they look out for in contemporary Asian cinema and how have they sought to present a more nuanced and inclusive picture of the region?

1 December 2021, Wednesday, 7.30pm 90 Min The Arts House, Chamber

In Conversation: Angeli Bayani, Ladya Cheryl and Yeo Yann Yann

Angeli BAYANI, Ladya Cheryl and YEO Yann Yann are established actors of the same generation in their respective countries, involved in film productions with various auteurs. With roots in independent filmmaking, how have they navigated their careers domestically and internationally as actors from Southeast Asia?

30 November 2021, Tuesday, 8.00pm 60 Min Zoom

Cinemas in Crisis: Afghanistan and Myanmar

Focusing on case studies of the past and present realities in Afghanistan and Myanmar, this talk will shed light on the developments of both national film industries in the 20th century, and discuss the various ways in which cinema and artists can continue to move forward despite the odds today.

29 November 2021, Monday, 6.30pm 90 Min The Arts House, Chamber

Singapore Panorama: A Cosmopolitan Perspective

A panel of industry professionals with an international viewpoint share their impressions, contributions and prospects of the local film scene. What can we learn from these players who have an eye on the world and a hand in shaping Singapore cinema?

27 November 2021, Saturday, 1.30pm 90 Min The Projector, Redrum

In Conversation: Edwin and Yeo Siew Hua

Indonesian director Edwin and Singaporean director YEO Siew Hua are the last two Golden Leopard recipients out of only three Southeast Asian winners in the whole history of the Locarno Film Festival. Building on the momentum of their recent wins, they will be in conversation to reflect on Edwin’s career and to share their aspirations for our region’s cinema.

27 November 2021, Saturday, 11.30am 90 Min The Projector, Redrum