Feature Film

Children of the Enemy

A stirring and heart-rending portrait of one man’s lonely battle to save his grandchildren from a Syrian prison camp, against his government’s inaction.

Gorki GLASER-MÜLLER Swedish, Denmark 99 Min M18 (Some Mature Content) Asian Premiere

Feature Film

The Flame

A spirited elderly indigenous activist in Indonesia fights for legal rights to a patch of forest that his village has been inhabiting for generations.

Arfan SABRAN Indonesia, Qatar 76 Min PG Singapore Premiere

Feature Film

Mr Bachmann and His Class

A sensitive and compelling portrait of immigrant youths adapting to life in a town with a troubled history, aided by their thoughtful and inspired teacher.

Maria SPETH Germany 217 Min NC16 Singapore Premiere

Feature Film

My Sunny Maad

A slow-burning and restrained observation of a microcosm of post-Taliban Kabul in which the personal seems to equate to the political.

Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ Czech Republic, France, Slovakia 81 Min PG13 Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

On the Other Side

A poignant documentary that follows the journey of two brothers to find their mother’s former captor, now a target for political execution.

Iván GUARNIZO Colombia, Spain 83 Min PG13 Asian Premiere

Feature Film

Some Women

In this intimate yet powerful debut feature, a local transgender filmmaker lays bare her vulnerabilities to reclaim her identity.

Quen WONG Singapore 71 Min R21 (Mature Content) World Premiere

Feature Film


Asylum seekers in a Japanese detention centre who are indefinitely detained reveal their unjust treatment in secretly recorded interviews.

Thomas ASH Japan 87 Min M18 (Mature Content) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film


This kaleidoscope of contemporary Thailand’s spiritual worship doubles up as a penetrating portrait of the devout public.

Uruphong RAKSASAD Thailand 98 Min NC16 World Premiere

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