Feature Film

The Edge of Daybreak

A slow-drip, gothic evocation of a family’s trauma enmeshed in three decades of Thai politics.

Taiki SAKPISIT Thailand, Switzerland 115 Min NC16 (Sexual Scenes) Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

The Tsugua Diaries

A summer’s tale of romance and countryside pastimes unfolds as a performance of life and its making by creatives in lockdown.

Miguel GOMES, Maureen FAZENDEIRO Portugal 101 Min PG13 (Some Coarse Language) Southeast Asian Premiere

Short Film

Can Sound Be Currency?

A provocative and poetic meditation on the subversive yet politically ambiguous power of myth over China’s rural landscape.

LIU Chuang China 20 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

How to Improve the World

An experimental documentary on the impact of war and westernisation on indigenous aural cultures in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

NGUYỄN Trinh Thi Vietnam 47 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Short Film

Future Shock

“The future comes too soon and in the wrong order,” said Alvin TOFFLER. A contemporary artist looks back at futures imagined by writers and cities of the past.

SU Hui-Yu Taiwan 20 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

The Day Today

A funny, fatalistic satire of life in the digital age that mixes documentary with dystopia and sci-fi flourishes in its depiction of the ups and downs of a relationship.

Maxence STAMATIADIS France 67 Min NC16 Asian Premiere

Short Film

Letters from the Silence

Each word immortalises the brave voices against authoritarian rule.

Prap BOONPAN Thailand 6 Min NC16 (Some Mature Content) International Premiere

Feature Film

A Night of Knowing Nothing

At once exquisite and volatile, this docu-fictional work is a deeply felt portrait of contemporary Indian youth on the shores of love, art and politics.

Payal KAPADIA India, France 97 Min NC16 (Mature Content) Southeast Asian Premiere

Short Film


The visualisation of conflicting states of being.

Sarker PROTICK Bangladesh 9 Min Southeast Asian Premiere

Feature Film

El Gran Movimiento

City symphony meets social realism in this sprawling story of miners who march to the Bolivian capital demanding for work.

Kiro RUSSO Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland 85 Min PG13 (Some Coarse Language and Drug References) Asian Premiere

Short Film

Smoke and Fire

In this poetic and layered work about clashing value systems, a death results in a migrant worker’s simmering desire for revenge, triggering further acts of violence.

WANG Tuo China 31 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Short Film


This conclusion to WANG Tuo’s film tetralogy on Northeast China depicts the deep psychical and psychological ties between countries, peoples and conflicts that span space and time.

WANG Tuo China 69 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

Short Film

Untitled 77-A

A filmmaker struggles for artistic freedom in the face of violent repression.

HAN Ok-hi South Korea 7 Min PG (Brief Nudity)

Feature Film

All Light, Everywhere

A visually stunning exploration of the complicity of the moving image in the historical development of military weaponry and surveillance technology.

Theo ANTHONY USA 109 Min PG Southeast Asian Premiere

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