Call for Entry 2021: Southeast Asian Film Lab



27 August 2021 (Friday)


6:00pm (GMT+8)

The Southeast Asian Film Lab provides a nurturing and collaborative space for Southeast Asian filmmakers who are embarking on their first feature-length film project. During the Film Lab, filmmakers will receive personal feedback from mentors and hear from fellow filmmakers as they share their experiences and insights. The programme will end with the filmmakers pitching to a panel of industry experts.

If you have any enquiries, please write in to

Submission Guidelines

Entry Fees



Applicant must be a director and/or writer-director of at least 1 short film that has screened in international film festivals

Applicant must be of Southeast Asian nationality, origin or residence.

Applicant must not have made a feature length film before.

Project submitted should still be at an early stage, and have not been developed beyond a treatment or first draft screenplay

If you have submitted a project for a prior edition of the Film Lab, the applicant should include a statement of what has been reworked or what developments have been made.


A feature-length screenplay is a work of fiction or non-fiction that serves as
the blueprint for a film that equals or exceeds 60 minutes in length including
opening and end credits.

A treatment outlines the story of a project in a manner more detailed than
the synopsis and reads like a short story, told in the present tense and
describing events as they happen and may include details of directorial style.
(OPTIONAL) An estimated production budget states how much it will cost to
make a project from development through to completion. The budget should
reflect the expected expenses incurred in all the dierent departments,
including but not limited to actor’s fees, equipment rental, art department,
location expenses, and post production. This should reflect what the project
should cost to make, not what you want it to cost.

Application Materials

The SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab only accepts a secure online link of the
portfolio work being submitted.

Films in any other language other than English must have English subtitles.’.

The project dossier should include:

Applicant’s biography and statement

Previous work

Film key art

Film synopsis


Estimated production budget

Please submit all application materials in one PDF document and title the
file ‘2021_Film Lab_APPLICANT’S NAME’


All entries must contain a completed submission form, portfolio screener and project information. Submissions should reach us no later than Friday, 27 August 2021, 6.00pm (GMT+8).

Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Any submission received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Selected Participants

The SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab will notify successful applicants of the selection results by mid-September 2021.

The SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab does not provide individual explanation on the non-selection of a project.

Once a project is selected, the applicant will not be able to withdraw the project from SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab.

Workshops will be conducted in English; knowledge of English is essential in
order to participate.

Ownership of the written materials produced during the SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab will belong solely to the participant.

Participating projects must indicate SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab support in any subsequent project materials, by displaying the SGIFF logo, together with the caption “Supported by the SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab”.

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27 August 2021 (Friday)


6:00pm (GMT+8)