Tedious Days and Nights

World Premiere

GUO Zhenming China 2023 110 min R21 (Sexual Scene, Coarse Language and Nudity)

A poet’s return to his decrepit hometown turns into a carnival of absurdity with equal parts filth, irreverence and melancholy.

Poet Zeng Dekuang returns to the former industrial town of Coal Dam after 30 years of wandering to find the place in disrepair—much like the promise of his youth that has dimmed in middle age. Rather than resist time’s decay, Zeng and his old friends drift into it with abandon and return to their basest of impulses, sometimes with comedic failure, but mostly in drunkenness. Poetry punctuates the tedium of aimlessness and melancholic recollections.

In Tedious Days and Nights, the Tiananmen Square massacre continues to haunt a lost generation of Chinese artists. As the men frolic about ruins, this documentary enacts a passive resistance equivalent to the tang ping (lying flat) movement of Chinese youths today.

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4 Dec, Mon 9:00PM / 110 min

Oldham Theatre


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Tedious Days and Nights


GUO Zhenming



Mandarin, Chinese Dialects


110 min

R21 (Sexual Scene, Coarse Language and Nudity)

World Premiere

GUO Zhenming

GUO Zhenming is an artist and filmmaker. He studied literature at Hunan Normal University and completed his MA in art history at the Fine Arts Department of Yunpan University. Tedious Days and Nights is his first feature.

ZENG Dekuang
GUAN Dangsheng

GUO Zhenming

GUO Zhenming