The Delinquents

Southeast Asian Premiere

Rodrigo MORENO Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Luxembourg 2023 189 min M18 (Nudity)

Tired of corporate drudgery, a bank clerk robs his workplace and implicates his colleague, setting off a revelatory journey to discover freedom.

Weary bank clerk Morán robs his workplace and foists the stolen amount onto his colleague Román for safekeeping, before turning himself in to the police. His plan: do time for the crime, and then live off the money. Meanwhile, an anxious Román finds his unremarkable life upended both professionally and domestically.

As Román retraces Morán’s steps to bury some of the cash in the countryside, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and romance with a trio of locals who are making a film. Combining Rohmeresque charm with sharp social commentary, The Delinquents takes the scenic route to arrive at small revelations about what makes a meaningful life.

9 Dec, Sat 11:00AM / 189 min

Filmgarde Kallang, Hall 2


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The Delinquents

Los Delincuentes

Rodrigo MORENO

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Luxembourg




189 min

M18 (Nudity)

Southeast Asian Premiere

Rodrigo MORENO

Rodrigo MORENO is an Argentinian director, screenwriter and producer known for his 2006 feature El custodio, which clinched the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlinale. The Delinquents premiered in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard and won the Grand Prix at Poland’s New Horizons Film Festival.

Daniel ELÍAS
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Rodrigo MORENO


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