Among the countless filmmakers in the annals of history, few have consistently elevated the art form with each passing era, leaving an indelible mark. These cinematic luminaries, with their extraordinary bodies of work, stand as beacons of inspiration for generations to come.

Altitude presents eight new works from the vanguard of contemporary filmmaking. These films exemplify excellence in the art of filmmaking; formally rigorous yet astounding in their emotional depth, such extraordinary visual storytelling reminds us why we fell in love with cinema.

Featured Films

About Dry Grasses

In eastern Anatolia, an insecure teacher longing to escape its extreme climate and politics is drawn into an absorbing web of accusations, desire and shame.

Nuri Bilge CEYLAN / Turkey, France, Germany / 197 min / NC16 (Some Coarse Language) / Southeast Asian Premiere


A painfully self-serious young writer obsesses over work while life slips him by in this German twist on the summer film.

Christian PETZOLD / Germany / 102 min / M18 (Some Homosexual Content) / Singapore Premiere

Essential Truths of the Lake

Lav Diaz continues his signature darkness, despair and desolation in his latest exploring the suffering of the human mind in a dictatorship.

Lav DIAZ / Philippines / 209 min / M18 (Nudity and Some Mature Content) / Singapore Premiere

Evil Does Not Exist

Nestled away from the bustle of urban Tokyo, an ecological dreamland teeters on the brink of tourism encroachment in this haunting eco-thriller.

Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI / Japan / 106 min / PG (Some Violence) / Singapore Premiere

Fallen Leaves

The Finnish deadpan master returns with a deft comedy of two lonely souls who might make first love work between them.

Aki KAURISMÄKI / Finland / 81 min / PG13 (Some Coarse Language and Violence) / Singapore Premiere


A young man experiences a series of unlikely encounters with uncanny characters in a tale of innocence unburdened by knowledge.

Angela SCHANELEC / Germany, France, Serbia / 108 min / M18 (Some Nudity) / Southeast Asian Premiere

The Shadowless Tower

Nostalgia, longing and absence are gently brought to the fore in this endearing dramedy of change and continuities.

ZHANG Lu / China / 144 min / PG13 (Some Coarse Language) / Singapore Premiere

Youth (Spring)

An expansive portrayal of youths with differing ambitions and life stories who both blossom and crumble in the sewing room.

WANG Bing / France, Luxembourg, Netherlands / 212 min / NC16 (Some Coarse Language) / Singapore Premiere