A Journey in Spring

Asian Premiere

PENG Tzu-Hui, WANG Ping-Wen Taiwan 2023 90 min M18 (Some Homosexual Content)

After his wife’s sudden passing, an old man grapples with strained family ties, regrets and memories evoked by the springtime rain.

Khim-Hok is a gruff old man with a grudging affection for his wife even as he often berates her. The couple fill their days with errands and bickering, while tending to their rundown home nestled amid lush greenery and accessed via a steep hike.

When his wife dies suddenly one day, Khim-Hok places her remains in the freezer and seems to carry on as usual. But when their long-estranged child resurfaces with his new partner, father and son must not only face up to her death, but to the years of distance between them. Shot on 16mm film that captures the textures of Taiwan’s spring foliage, A Journey in Spring is a raw and sensitive portrait of domestic life as well as its bittersweet and harsh truths.

Q&A with Filmmaker(s)

9 Dec, Sat 6:30PM / 90 min

Golden Village x The Projector at Cineleisure, Hall 2


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A Journey in Spring


PENG Tzu-Hui, WANG Ping-Wen



Taiwanese Hokkien, Mandarin


90 min

M18 (Some Homosexual Content)

Asian Premiere

WANG Ping-Wen, PENG Tzu-Hui

Taiwanese filmmaker WANG Ping-Wen is an alumnus of Produire au Sud Taipei Workshop and Talents Tokyo with three short films under her belt. PENG Tzu-Hui is a Taiwanese artist and filmmaker who has exhibited internationally. The feature debut for both, A Journey in Spring screened in competition at San Sebastián.

Jason KING
YANG Kuei-Mei
LAN Wei-Hua

WANG Ping-Wen

YU Yi-Hsun


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