All of Us Strangers

Singapore Premiere

Andrew HAIGH United Kingdom 2023 105 min R21 (Homosexual Content)

An ethereal ghost story of love and loss centred on a gay man’s struggle to heal from a childhood tragedy.

Haunted by his parents’ death three decades ago, Adam returns to his childhood home and finds their apparitions living like normal, never having aged a day. He visits them frequently, reflecting upon his difficult childhood growing up as a closeted gay boy. Meanwhile, romantic advances from Adam’s charismatic neighbour Harry begins to coax him out of his shell, nudging him onto a crossroads of his past trauma and present life.

All of Us Strangers portrays the continued loneliness of long-lasting queer and mental health trauma, despite increasing destigmatisation in our era. In fluid strokes, the film paints a life woven by equal parts love and hurt, where moving on is agonising but cathartic.

9 Dec, Sat 7:00PM / 105 min

The Projector, Golden Mile, Green Room


Screening are free seating & first-come, first-serve basis. All ticket purchasers are kindly asked to be on time and note the 10-min grace period.

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All of Us Strangers

Andrew HAIGH

United Kingdom




105 min

R21 (Homosexual Content)

Singapore Premiere

Andrew HAIGH

Andrew HAIGH is a British filmmaker best known for the romantic drama 45 Years (2015), which won the Silver Bear for both Best Actor and Best Actress at the Berlinale. His comedy-drama works such as Greek Pete (2009), Weekend (2011) and Looking (2014–2016) often delve into the lives of gay men. All of Us Strangers premiered at Telluride.

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Andrew HAIGH


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