The Tenants

World Premiere

YOON Eun-Kyung South Korea 2023 90 min PG13 (Horror and Some Coarse Language)

In this Kafkaesque reality, a soon-to-be-evicted tenant employs a bizarre subletting scheme that may be his solution.

In a dystopian South Korean city, an office worker endures the tedium of his job in hopes of gaining a transfer to ‘Sphere 2’, where a supposedly better reality awaits. Facing eviction by his adolescent landlord, he decides to complicate the process by renting his toilet out to an eccentric couple, but their strange behaviours soon become unbearable.

Director Yoon Eun-Kyung mixes science-fiction, horror and black comedy with a cast of off-kilter characters to deliver a biting critique on the ills of contemporary society. With its bold genre-mashing, The Tenants heralds a new, exciting voice in independent Korean cinema.

Q&A with Filmmaker(s)

9 Dec, Sat 9:00PM / 90 min

Golden Village x The Projector at Cineleisure, Hall 2

Q&A with Filmmaker(s)

10 Dec, Sun 11:00AM / 90 min

Oldham Theatre


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The Tenants


YOON Eun-Kyung

South Korea




90 min

PG13 (Horror and Some Coarse Language)

World Premiere

YOON Eun-Kyung

YOON Eun-Kyung is a director-screenwriter from South Korea who often uses the mystery and horror genres in her explorations of psychological extremes in neoliberal societies. The Tenants is her sophomore feature.

KIM Dea-geon
HEO Dong-won
PARK So-hyun

AHN Mongsik

YOON Eun-Kyung