Asian Premiere

CHAI Yee-Wei Singapore 2023 125 min M18 (Coarse Language)

Two middle-aged fathers bond over their love for their daughters in this affecting drama about friendship in our golden years.

Loke and Tan live inverted lives: Loke owns a joss paper shop and lives with his daughter Eileen, while Tan is a lonely church pianist and recovering alcoholic-gambler. Their paths cross after Loke sells his house to fund Eileen’s studies abroad and moves next to Tan. Filled with regrets over his own estranged daughter, Tan offers to translate and transcribe the illiterate Loke’s correspondences with Eileen. When Tan is privy to news of a devastating tragedy, he constructs an elaborate lie to protect Loke from the truth.

Set in 1980s Singapore, Wonderland depicts the profound joy and companionship of friendship in one’s silver years, highlighting the importance of community ties in an era of rapid change and progress.

Q&A with Filmmaker(s)

4 Dec, Mon 9:00PM / 125 min

Golden Village x The Projector at Cineleisure, Majestic Hall


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CHAI Yee-Wei



Hokkien, Mandarin, English

English, Traditional Chinese

125 min

M18 (Coarse Language)

Asian Premiere

CHAI Yee-Wei

CHAI Yee-Wei is the founder of local post-production house Mocha Chai Laboratories. His past works include horror films Blood Ties (2009) and Twisted (2011) as well as That Girl in Pinafore (2013), which premiered at Shanghai International Film Festival.

Mark LEE
Peter YU
Xenia TAN

Michelle CHANG
CHIA Choong Kai

Michelle CHANG
Allan HO


Mocha Chai Laboratories